Wings of Change – Sandy Shore –

Airborne has come to be known as the “Musical Peacemakers” of contemporary jazz…the new project WINDS OF CHANGE, in their words, is a message to humanity that it is time to turn the page.Thankfully Airborne has managed to harness this passion and creative energy and capture it on the ten new tracks on the band’s 6th album to date. Everything has a frequency… surrounding ourselves with frequencies of joy is the fastest way to changing the plights of the world. Airborne has just made this easy.

Based in New Haven, CT, Brothers Thomas and Gregory Borino, and Thomas Sansone, along with a large and impressive ensemble of talented band mates perform throughout the Northeast, leaving a wake of positivity and global goodness behind them.

Songs like the vibrant “Better Days Ahead,” the breezy groove “Winds of Change” and the tropical “Calypso Night” conjure up a crystal clear musical body of water that beckons to be jumped into!
Never has there been such a pleasurable soundtrack to focusing on achieving a greener, calmer, balanced world where all are free to fulfill their potential. Stuffed full with the trademark Airborne sound of island passion and urban emotion, WINDS OF CHANGE is a flavorful offering with the depth and character we’ve come to expect from this world-class group.

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