Airborne – Turbulence CD – Smooth Jazz Now – Review

Airborne is quite a unique smooth jazz ensemble. The New Haven band was formed in the late eighties and has since then crossed the “turbulences” of our agitated times. Airborne is more than a jazz ensemble. It is a group of dedicated musicians, who share the same cause and philosophy: bringing peace, love and tolerance to our world through their music. They have stuck to this belief since their beginning and have opened up their music to multi-culturalism.

As the band puts it in the CD liner notes: “Our world is overflowing with physical, emotional and political distress and confusion. Let this wonderful music help open your heart to life’s beauty. We can all make a difference in this world of need. If we try to help, support and understand, we can achieve peace.”

Airborne’s fifth release “Turbulence” conveys a spirit of peaceful serenity, openness to the world’s musical cultures and high energy to create a positive vision for the future. The band entails talented members: 6 experienced musicians and a soulful female vocalist. Musically speaking, “Turbulence” successfully adds world rhythms and sounds to an already lively and passionate smooth jazz sound.

This exciting musical expedition starts with the exultant Latin “Festival Sunset”. Then you embark on a soft mid tempo cruise led by a crew of great musicians: Steven Clarke on bass, Gregory Borino on guitars and Thomas Sonsone on saxophone (“Smooth Sailing”). When you come back on earth, you will be received by Elisabeth Dellinger’s soulful voice in a groovy tune (“Can’t Fight Love”), remembering Shakatak’s unique sound.

Then you will follow the steps of North America‘s first inhabitants, Native Americans (“Native Search”). After a tonic big band swing (“Hillside Swing”), listen to the powerful “Drums of Peace/Awakening” introduced by African rhythms and chants. Later on, let yourself invited to a Brazilian samba (“As We Journey”) and get inspired by the sensual R&B voice of Elisabeth Dellinger. Eventually this bright journey comes to an end with an emotional smooth jazz piece, “The Message.”

When listening to this stunning and graceful CD, you will notice that this ensemble plants musical
“seeds of peace” and uses music to help make our dream of a better world come true.

Turbulence is a great musical achievement. So, let yourself be guided by these “musical peacemakers.”

Akbar Nour – Smooth Jazz Now

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