Airborne – Turbulence CD – Review – The Urban Music Scene

This crew is in flight & they are dynamic!

Exquisitely from New Haven, CT., This crew releases their 5th CD of choice to the Contemporary Jazz Crowd with a little Urban flair in the mix. It reflects on a societal note of worldwide news & differences to the matter of heart & soul. The music in jazz from these players connects the dots to what you hear in the environment today. Especially to those seeking reminisce to the original Contemporary jazz game & the music it speaks for!

From the beginning of “Festival at Sunset” rips the Latin smooth jazz melody already heard of in the smooth jazz community. Nothing new there right? Well comes...”Smooth Sailing”, which doesn’t so much go technically according to the name of the title. It does have several different elements added to bring the choice of tune more-so to Contemporary Jazz Status! Like the vocal scats laced throughout that track! When you go to “Can’t Fight Love” & hear the congas go smoothly with the vocals, you can almost grasp a feel for the UK’s ‘Brand New Heavies’ & a midday R&B tempo from USA’s group ‘Seek’. Or you should know by now that both parties DO mix!

Hillside Swing” picks up a speed towards a big band camp & does the twist to a little straight ahead jazz flow. Possibly to flex muscles of the band on their ability to dabble in both arts of the game. “Drums of Peace/Awakening” glided my listening path into fully appreciating what they came to play – down to earth Jazz! I mean, they wasted no time in this composition. The sax play coming directly from Thomas Sansone comes through & is truly felt. In fact, this track reminds me of another ‘awakening’ in the debut CD from Ramsey Lewis’s “The Urban Knights”! (Remember Them?)

For independent artists such as them, their true testimony may ride into their consistency & passion for music in this project. The overall feel! It speaks loudly throughout the CD & yes….It’s Recommended!

The Urban Music Scene – Terrill J. Hanna

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