Airborne – Turbulence CD – Review

Airborne is a band with a mission… the multi-cultural contemporary jazz group from New England takes flight with their 5th release TURBULENCE setting the objective on using their musical energies for calming an otherwise disruptive world.

In the CD liner notes, the band invites listeners to open their hearts, minds and souls to the music… Music that is, in our opinion, delightful, lively and filled with life featuring hot rhythms, sizzling saxophone and flute, infectious bass lines and caressingly soulful vocals that are effectively woven into the mix.

This is Airborne’s critically acclaimed recipe for jazz fusion. The Connecticut band’s music is genuine and big-hearted… joyful jazz… healing and enriching, just as you would expect from these humanitarians and educators.

TURBULENCE is anything but with its high-spirited, soothing melodies. Tracks like the sophisticated “Smooth Sailing” and the jubilant “Festival at Sunset” bring to mind the sonic qualities of other multi-cultural ensembles such as Fattburger and Pete Escovedo’s Orchestra. This stylish collection of songs also features soul-stirring pieces such as the head-boppin’ “Can’t Fight Love“ as well as songs of great depth like the captivating tune “The Message.”

What the world needs is more people who do what they love to do with purpose and confidence
and because they love doing it…

Airborne’s TURBULENCE, filled with nine original compositions, is the perfect remedy for chaos.

Sandy Shore –

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