Airborne – Interview –

How long has the band been playing together?

The band was formed in 1988. This year 2008 we will be celebrating our 20th anniversary. Wow! 20 years…my, my, my, when did those years go by? The band has even survived all the ups and downs of being musicians. I can honestly say that the years have been very rewarding to us. To live a life of music is a wonderful experience and a precious gift. To continue working with these amazing musicians is an honor.

Would you please share a few highlights from the years together?

We love the process of each new recording project and release. The intervention of ideas, the collaboration of musicians, creating the jazz sound that is Airborne today. Bringing life and love to each new composition. Keeping faith and watching the growth in the band’s material and popularity.

Recording and producing for other artists in genres as Gospel, Jazz, and R&B.

To perform at jazz festivals, concerts, and clubs with different jazz artists and groups. To share words, thoughts, stories, and just to listen to musicians from all over the world. Music is truly an international language.

Where is the band based and how does your location factor into your music?

We are from New Haven, CT, USA. Tri-State Area – Urban based. I guess you can call us city dwellers. There is a magic in the city that absorbs many musical art forms. The sounds of the city are cool but hot. Influences of Jazz, R&B, Latin and Blues are all around you capturing your inner emotions.

We also have a passion for the music of the Caribbean. When someone asks what kind of music we do we tell them contemporary jazz with an island passion and urban emotion. Picture the band performing jazz on a street corner shaded by a palm tree.

You refer to yourselves as a “multi-cultural” jazz band… how come?

Our hometown of New Haven is very rich in ethic and cultural diversity. Each member is unique and brings these diversities and backgrounds to create the jazz sound. Airborne has been praised as being a living spirit of musical brotherhood. The love of jazz is shared by many cultures.

Can you give us an idea of how deep the band’s commitment is to the recording arts and education?

We do support the Arts. We are on the New England Foundation for the Arts and the CT Commission on the Arts performing arts touring rosters. We bring “A Century of Jazz” an Arts in Education program into the schools. A demonstration of a variety of jazz forms and styles, supported by a historic narration, a musical insight, a question
and answer session, and an inspirational workshop.

This program instills a positive attitude and direction towards musical and social growth. The no limits approach combined with a structured musical lesson plan illustrates the value of jazz education in our society.

Jazz Education is very vital for our newer generations. Teaching thoughts of imagination, personal expression, and self discipline to help them achieve whatever goals they dream. Emotions soar high in young hearts and jazz music gently provides an enrichment and fulfillment to their wandering passion. Jazz is a true American art form.

Your latest CD is called Winds of Change.. On the surface this may appear to be an endorsement of Barrack Obama, but it’s referring to much more than this isn’t it?

The New CD Winds of Change is coming out at an unsettled time in history. Wartime, a important election year, a world in turmoil, a bad economy, and people making decisions based on fear.

The title, compositions, and even the emotion of this new project show our concern on all these matters of global importance. We are musicians, but with deep humanitarian thoughts. We are not politicians, just a voice that they the politicians should be hearing. The world needs to change and we need to take action. But we must be unified first. We hope you enjoy our new music and that it helps in the cause to bring people together, so that change can be made. Our message is very simple, Learn to Love, Hold on to Hope, Dare to Dream, and Live in Peace. So Be Well, Be Happy, and really enjoy Life. But remember to Reach out your hand and ride the Winds of Change.

Winds of Change is our 6th CD on Tilt Records. Airborne has been graciously proclaimed as the “Musical Peacemakers” of Contemporary Jazz. Maybe because we are focusing our talents we have been blessed with in a harmonious atmosphere for change. We are trying to have our music transfigure a spirit of love and compassion for our fellow brothers and sisters. To echo a strong athemn to humanity that it is time to turn the page for the sake of our future generations.

The world is finally traveling on the winds of change. Many discoveries and efforts have been made to make us all aware of the dangers that peril our planet and its children. Many wonderful people have already dedicated their lives for this important change. But their deeds must have everyone’s support, help, and blessing.

Projects for Global Warming, Hunger, Natural Disasters, New Energy Resources, and Economical Distress have been created. All these concerns and factors have stressed our earth to its boiling point. The time is now for change and to take action seriously. Without prejudice we must all stand together to achieve peace and global unity to take on these most difficult tasks.

We must reach out our hands to the world. We can make this earth a better place to live. No matter what faith, race, color, or wealth you have. We are all children of this world. We must help save our planet and its children! I urge everyone to Reach out your hand and ride the Winds of Change!

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