American Soldiers fighting in the Forgotten War “Afghanistan” reach out for support to hear one of America’s greatest artforms “Jazz”

The contemporary jazz group “Airborne “received an email from a American soldier fighting in Afghanistan, CSM Corey Woodard. It read: I am currently deployed to Afghanistan with my battalion, consisting of Soldiers, Airmen, and Marines. Many of my troops and I are avid smooth jazz listeners. However, we find it extremely difficult to get smooth jazz CDs here in such a remote and austere environment.

I would like to know if you or anyone you know would be willing to donate a few smooth jazz CDs to us during our deployment here in Afghanistan. Such a gift would greatly enhance my troops’ morale and give them a reminder of the good life that they all enjoyed back at home.
We would greatly appreciate anything you could send to make this deployment better. You may send any items to the following address and I will ensure they are equally shared and distributed: Thanks in advance.

CSM Corey Woodard JLC-MCB APO AE 09354

330th Trans Bn (MC) Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan

Airborne is sending a few copies of each of their 5 CD’s and is asking fellow jazz musicians to help support our troops. Airborne Jazz, a multi-cultural contemporary jazz band that hails from New Haven, CT, USA. The members of the band have toured across the USA, Europe, and Japan. # # # #

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